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Comprehensive Healthcare Plan

Choosing your healthcare coverage maybe sometime a lot of thinking and consideration to make as you would know there was a lot of benefits and coverage that you might need. Having it all set up may cause you a big amount of money. Do not worry Forticare answer your needs

A COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE PLAN will provide you with the correct and complete array of coverage that you are looking for. This plan includes Annual Physical Examination, Preventive Care, Out-patient Consultations, Outpatient and In-Patient Laboratory & Diagnostic, inpatient and Hospitalization, Dental Care and Emergency Care.

Why would you choose healthcare that would provide you limited access to your healthcare needs, if you can have a COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE PLAN that is best suitable for you at a very affordable price.

Forte Healthcare Plan

We understand that you might have an existing helth care yet worrying that it will be not enough for your hospitalization coverage. Do not worry Forticare valued your need. FORTE HEALTH CARE PLAN is the best-suited plan for your hospitalization additional coverage at a very affordable price.

This plan will provide you with an additional coverage limit for your in-patient and hospitalization without paying more. We do not just enhance your hospitalization limit, with FORTE you may have additional coverage for Annual Physical Examinations, Emergency Care Services, and In-Patient Laboratory Tests.

Why would you worry now? Why would you pay more just to enhance your limit? We have the answer to that.