About Us

Forticare Health Systems International, Inc.

Is a budding healthcare company envisioned to be the leading HMO in Asia, with an authorized capital stock of Two Hundred Fifty Million Pesos and a paid-up capital stock of One Hundred Million Pesos.

Forticare Health Systems International, Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 30 January 2019 and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on 07 February 2019, has secured its License to Operate from the Insurance Commission (IC) with Licensed No. HMO-2019-01-O on 04 November 2019 and a proud member of the Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines, Inc. (AHMOPI) since 01 March 2020.

The Company has provided healthcare coverage to its members, allowing them to live free of worry, free of fear. Forticare has covered thousands of beneficiaries from the time it was organized out of the shared efforts among prominent Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Our Corporate Management Team is working closely with accredited hospitals, clinics, and doctors for us to provide quality and affordable healthcare.

We understand and answer to the needs of local communities while providing nationwide healthcare coverage that opens doors for thousands of our existing members and still growing. Our goal is to provide easy access nationwide to our healthcare services in fortified ways.

Inspired by the goal of becoming the leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Company in Asia, the public perception, social responsibility, mission, vision, and core values of the Company are on its high standard of service.

Forticare will remain to its paramount commitment of providing excellent health care service for you and your loved ones. And as the journey keeps on, we will continue to tramp the path towards, professionalism, respect, integrity, dependability, and excellence.